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I am an artist in service to people who want to create healing spaces in their home, hotel or offices.

I ship worldwide and work from my studio in Helsinki or directly on site.
For designers, corporate & private customers.


art SHOP

You can browse through the latest selection of artworks in the art shop. All art is unique and it has been created with the purest intention. 

unique orders

You did not find your own piece of art yet, but you're feeling tempted? Let's start a dialogue and create a unique painting for your healing space.

My Story

I found my way to creative life after long phase of searching. Struggle has led me to a state of freedom of being in the here and now. 



how do you create healing art?

Creating healing art requires me to be empty. As such, the art is created through me, not by me. The work flows in a perfect way, without mind or ego playing a role in wanting to achieve specific results.

To reach this state, I consciously enter a space of emptiness by using my own incantation and a few funny habits. 

The result is a unique piece that is infused with the purest intentions of healing. It acts as a gentle, colourful mirror of yourself. By contemplating the piece of art, you are communicating with it on the heart level and it reflects You, to you. It’s really like a visual pep talk, that reminds you to keep on track.

What are your "funny" habits?

I'm almost too embarrassed to tell on my website, but I frequently begin the work by having a private, unbridled dance party or hugging a tree. A yogi tea, Goddess or angle cards and lying on my table also happen frequently. What is most important, i choose to follow joy & inspiration - they always lead me to the right direction.

can I order internationally? 

Of course! If your country does not appear on the list of supported shipping countries, it’s just because I started with a few countries first to see the shop functions as it should. Just drop me a message and I’ll take care of your order & shipment, no matter where you’re located. Larger works are shipped rolled in a tube, smaller works stretched on wooden frames, ready to be hung on your wall. 

how do I place an order?

Right here! You can shop as much as you like in my ART SHOP. If your country does not appear on the list of supported shipping countries, just drop me an email: ulla@intuitioni.com and we’ll take care of your wishes.

I know i need one of these, but find it hard too choose. Help?

I’d love you to have a cup of tea & forget shopping for a while - you can tune into your inner world instead. When you’re done, I’d love to see you coming back to my shop, and choose intuitively. What calls you? You don’t actually have to like the image so much, but you feel there’s “something”. I trust you. If you’ve lost all hope with connecting with your intuition, I can also set you up with the perfect art piece.

Can you do larger orders?

Absolutely. For instance, I'm a big fan of Healing Hotels of the World and it would be an honour to help member hotels infuse their sacred spaces with art that is a reflection of their mission of healing and beauty.