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Ulla at her studio in Helsinki

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Ulla Paasikallio, intuitive abstract artist

I just love my work. 

I’m grateful for finding my way to creative life, after a quite a long search. As I have my background in business and rational thinking, it has been quite a learning curve to find a totally new way of being, and trusting life.

Trusting, that what I choose, is right, and that I can choose whatever feels right to me. It was my energy healing studies and work, that finally kicked me off to the intuitive path. Now intuition guides me on my everyday life and on the way to fulfill my dreams, one choice at the time. 

Creativity lights up fear

On my way to learn about who I am, I had to face fear. Fear that seemed to cover all aspects of creative living, prevented me from doing any of the artsy things I’d felt drawn to. It just wasn’t possible. I wasn’t allowed to.

I’ve grown to understand that this fear is well-known to creative people, and it’s just so full of precious BS that we can use in our advantage. In the core of the creativity, there’s always a sense of uncertainty: you are creating something, that has never existed before. That uncertainty use to be quite scary to me, and I relied a lot on the outer sources, waiting for acceptance.  

Luckily, today, I recognise my fear and I can use it as a tool. I know, that when the voice of my fear gets louder, we are approaching really deep, meaningful and interesting waters. So it’s a sign! Thank you fear, I'm taking a step forward! 

magic is born in the now

As an artist, I work fast with my acrylic paints, markers and tools, and dwell deep into my process. I use my magic incantation to tune in, let all expectations drop, and come into this moment. I feel that this moment right here is the key to life in so many ways, and so it applies in creating art: you allow the stranger to enter and accept whatever shows up from your pure intention. I allow myself to be open to receive, remembering I'm not the leader of the process that happens.

To remember the importance of this moment, the movie Kung-Fu Panda keeps on nailing it each time: 

Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a gift
-That is why it is called the present.

Love & healing

I love colors, tools, brushes, mess, chaos, canvases. I love uncertainty, the perfect brushstrokes, and painting over old pieces.

I love my customers telling me, that my artwork is meaningful to them. They interact with my art. Colors have deeper stories to tell. I feel the meaning of my work coming from an internal and external source, and they both bring deep joy to me. 

I create healing art. I see it created with the purest intention, I feel it flowing without struggle. It's like making the invisible visible, and it's my way of bringing healing to this world. It's always a deep visual message to whoever will interact with an artwork. It's my unique path I choose over and over again. It feels right, it brings goodness to others - and to me.

I also work with clients (private, groups or corporate) helping them to find more creativity in life. All my work is light, fun - and it tends to be like a child-like play. If I notice getting too serious, it's about time to have a private dance party!

this moment feels right

This moment feels right. I’ve taken the right path. It's really unique path, just like your path is. My work as an artist feels so good and natural just now. 
I know who I am in this moment, but I have deep knowledge, that life keeps on creatively evolve every moment, and I’m curious to see, where life will take me. And how. 

I hope there’s a lot of art, laughter and sunshine on the way. Working in the most amazingly beautiful and inspiring places. Love, friendship and many adventures. Books, workshops, speeches...and countless amout of amazing surprises.

With Love,