Your crazy moves

If you’re reading this, the chances that you KNOW your mission or you’re actively searching for it, are quite high, and that is amazing.

You know.

Inside of you, you Know.

Your core KNOWS.

Yes, I KNOW you KNOW. It just might be, that you’ve lost the connection HOW to TAP INTO your wisdom. It might be, that you’d need a bigger note of who you really are. Healing art could be one path to your core: it’s a daily, visual pep talk to your soul.

Trust your choices. Trust all the seemingly so crazy an irrelevant choices you make. LOVE your choices. Love your actions. Love your struggle. Know you’re on track.

Don’t wait for others to validate your crazy moves, but just keep on moving, girl.

Keep on moving,



I’ve arrived.

For me, year 2019 started quite perfectly: opening a new, tiny studio in the center of Helsinki, in the historical Old Quarters. I share this space with my long time friend, a photographer/cinematographer/yoga teacher Minttu. This is the perfect spot for settling down, start something totally new.

The paint of the first painting of the year is still fresh. The energy of the painting feels like a celebration, a wedding, and a secret coffee break in the garden - it has a blend of breaking boundaries & playfulness & cute softness. Quite a good mix, isn’t it?

Welcome, visit us in the studio. We’ll have a secret coffee break together.

Love, light & ease -


It's like magic.

I was searching for a rough, industrial studio space. And I found this beauty.

Ok, ok, it’s temporary - it’s only 3 months - but some things in life are meant to be yours for a short while. Just visiting you. Sparkle their magic and leave.

I honor this space: It makes me feel privileged, insanely joyful, proud, what else. It’s my sacred space. In the morning, I wake up with the feeling of “YES! My studio is there, waiting for me!” and each time, I enter this space, I’m like a superhero. I remember. I want people to come here, sharing this momentary time here with me. Explore my art in here.

Art can be created anywhere, and no walls are demanded for any kind of creativity to show up in your life - BUT - if you need a MAGIC BOOST, you have to have some colonnade in your studio, with royal touch.

If you know that you have to come & visit me HERE, drop me a note:

With joy -

Ulla <3

ulla studio intuitioni.jpg

A New Era, New Tools

I'm having some new tools now. And I'm using them. It's not only those hardware-ones, that i inspiredly bought from the hardware store, but something much more profound: New words, new, deep understanding of my work. Understanding, who I am. 

Life's really funny. It gives you one hint at a time, and you choose, whether to take it, or ignore it.

If you choose to ignore (which is the easy part) and your thinking gets in the way, you continue to life as you've used to. What happens if you hear a small voice, and you choose to act on it? 

I've chosen to hear so many at-the-time-absurd voices & act on them. First, it does not make any sense, not to people around you, not to you either - but on some level you know, it's the right thing. You just know. It's so simple. (And it's hard as well - sometimes the most scary thing you can imagine - but today is not about fear.)

And it's only when you show commitment, you may hear a second advise. And third. Your understanding grows, you grow. You find your way. 

2 different kinds of emptiness to choose from

In the world of form, we are constantly running after more form, that is more things, people, events, experiences. We keep on thinking, that more of something will bring us fulfillment in life, or in some certain area in our life.

That kind of running in life - which, as humans, we are so used to - can never make us sense the essence of being truly fulfilled. We can only serve our ego and mind when continuing life like we've used to, which can only lead to feeling of dissappointed emptiness - emptiness of not having "it", "that", "enough", "anything". In that emtpyness you find yourself craving for more. 

True, magical fulfillment raises from within ourselves. It raises from the understanding of this moment: Accepting what is. Celebrating what is. Allowing what is. Even being grateful of what is! 

In a moment of consciousness, there is no form. There's everything and nothing at the same time. There's nothing you can want or need: you already have it all. That is a place I call emptiness. This vastness has everything I can ever imagine. This is the place, were my paintings as born.

When you move from the state of awareness/consciousness back to your reality of form, you might feel a deep emotional sadness to that place or space you just experienced. I call it homesickness. In that moment, it is a good place to practice accepting what is: what you see, hear, feel. Celebrating the mystery and the world of form, and thanking that we are amazing creatures living wildly in both of those energetically so different worlds - but yet they're one. 

It's a brand new day - everyday.

Can you imagine waking up each morning, welcoming each day, as it was your first day ever? As it was the ONLY day you have in your life?

What would you do during that day?  

Would you be in a rush all day, trying to accomplish all the things in life, that you never had the courage/time to do? Would you spend your day crying, that you have only one day left? Would you decide to finally stop drinking unhealthy coffee, or would you enjoy it, like it was the best cup of coffee in history? Would you notice the small things around you, or would you walk past them, hurrying to be somewhere else? Would you smile to strangers? Would you be worried or in peace?

What you do think: In your life, could it be a brand new day, everyday? 

Today i noticed I've quit (for some reason or another) to do my "dying" exercise, when I go to sleep, and decided it's time to start using that again. In that exercise, you combine breathing+mental training, and die. Usually, that exercise brings me so much joy (yes, i'm a human after all - so panic, grief etc as well...) and peace. To make that exercise complete, I will wake up each morning, welcoming each day, a brand new day, like it would be my last. 

In this painting "Blackbird" the bird keeps on trusting. No matter how shitloady your present moment seems to be, there's always a new day, a new dawn. Believe me.


Important, meaningless, strange animal

Visual expression is my way to bring the mystery of life visible for all of us. Colors keep endlessly inspire me and this work gives me deep joy, sense of fulfillment and meaning. For me, painting is quite like a childish play. Sounds like little fairies dancing, doesn't it? Sometimes it might be that way, too. There are some exceptions, though...

Creativity is a strange animal.

When I was travelling my way to understand my role here as an artist, I did not even realise, that people have been written books about these two friends: Creativity & Fear. It sounds oh so weird! Gosh, I did not have a slightest clue, that the same issues I struggled with were UNIVERSAL, they were not MY issues at all. Every single creative person on this planet goes through them.

I could go on about this for some days, but the most relevant thing might be this:

If I show you who I really am - will I be accepted? (or will they burn me alive?)

Some creative people give that fear a little too much space, they are the ones who fill their drawers with tons of great material - for themselves. 

On my creative highway, I've been crying because of: 1) an empty canvas 2) not having a canvas 3) painting too beautiful 4) I just gave it all and there's no more to give (to anyone, ever!). This was only a shortlist.

So do I work because I'm afraid?

Yes and no. 

Fear comes in, when there's something ahead you don't know yet. And in creativity, you work in a field of not knowing **** anything! It's amazing and scary at the same time. The emptiness of a canvas: there's nothing on it. Things that you are just about to create, they have never been around. They come here the first time ever. That's were amazing is. Say "welcome stranger" really gently, and then start. Create your thing.

That's why it's called "the present" 

I continue by quoting Kung fu Panda movies: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery - but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present."

My process of painting is based on focusing in the present moment. In that moment, there is no fear, there's nothing. Pure intention, allowing things to be revealed. That's it. Any efforts of trying to accomplish something special are dead ends. Some of my works come with texts as well. 

In addition to my amazingly scary artistic work, I work with clients helping them to find more creativity, ease and more ways to live a meaningful life. I love giving lectures, too. 

(Text edited and stolen from the About-section)