It's a brand new day - everyday.

Can you imagine waking up each morning, welcoming each day, as it was your first day ever? As it was the ONLY day you have in your life?

What would you do during that day?  

Would you be in a rush all day, trying to accomplish all the things in life, that you never had the courage/time to do? Would you spend your day crying, that you have only one day left? Would you decide to finally stop drinking unhealthy coffee, or would you enjoy it, like it was the best cup of coffee in history? Would you notice the small things around you, or would you walk past them, hurrying to be somewhere else? Would you smile to strangers? Would you be worried or in peace?

What you do think: In your life, could it be a brand new day, everyday? 

Today i noticed I've quit (for some reason or another) to do my "dying" exercise, when I go to sleep, and decided it's time to start using that again. In that exercise, you combine breathing+mental training, and die. Usually, that exercise brings me so much joy (yes, i'm a human after all - so panic, grief etc as well...) and peace. To make that exercise complete, I will wake up each morning, welcoming each day, a brand new day, like it would be my last. 

In this painting "Blackbird" the bird keeps on trusting. No matter how shitloady your present moment seems to be, there's always a new day, a new dawn. Believe me.

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