It's like magic.

I was searching for a rough, industrial studio space. And I found this beauty.

Ok, ok, it’s temporary - it’s only 3 months - but some things in life are meant to be yours for a short while. Just visiting you. Sparkle their magic and leave.

I honor this space: It makes me feel privileged, insanely joyful, proud, what else. It’s my sacred space. In the morning, I wake up with the feeling of “YES! My studio is there, waiting for me!” and each time, I enter this space, I’m like a superhero. I remember. I want people to come here, sharing this momentary time here with me. Explore my art in here.

Art can be created anywhere, and no walls are demanded for any kind of creativity to show up in your life - BUT - if you need a MAGIC BOOST, you have to have some colonnade in your studio, with royal touch.

If you know that you have to come & visit me HERE, drop me a note:

With joy -

Ulla <3

ulla studio intuitioni.jpg