2 different kinds of emptiness to choose from

In the world of form, we are constantly running after more form, that is more things, people, events, experiences. We keep on thinking, that more of something will bring us fulfillment in life, or in some certain area in our life.

That kind of running in life - which, as humans, we are so used to - can never make us sense the essence of being truly fulfilled. We can only serve our ego and mind when continuing life like we've used to, which can only lead to feeling of dissappointed emptiness - emptiness of not having "it", "that", "enough", "anything". In that emtpyness you find yourself craving for more. 

True, magical fulfillment raises from within ourselves. It raises from the understanding of this moment: Accepting what is. Celebrating what is. Allowing what is. Even being grateful of what is! 

In a moment of consciousness, there is no form. There's everything and nothing at the same time. There's nothing you can want or need: you already have it all. That is a place I call emptiness. This vastness has everything I can ever imagine. This is the place, were my paintings as born.

When you move from the state of awareness/consciousness back to your reality of form, you might feel a deep emotional sadness to that place or space you just experienced. I call it homesickness. In that moment, it is a good place to practice accepting what is: what you see, hear, feel. Celebrating the mystery and the world of form, and thanking that we are amazing creatures living wildly in both of those energetically so different worlds - but yet they're one.