A New Era, New Tools

I'm having some new tools now. And I'm using them. It's not only those hardware-ones, that i inspiredly bought from the hardware store, but something much more profound: New words, new, deep understanding of my work. Understanding, who I am. 

Life's really funny. It gives you one hint at a time, and you choose, whether to take it, or ignore it.

If you choose to ignore (which is the easy part) and your thinking gets in the way, you continue to life as you've used to. What happens if you hear a small voice, and you choose to act on it? 

I've chosen to hear so many at-the-time-absurd voices & act on them. First, it does not make any sense, not to people around you, not to you either - but on some level you know, it's the right thing. You just know. It's so simple. (And it's hard as well - sometimes the most scary thing you can imagine - but today is not about fear.)

And it's only when you show commitment, you may hear a second advise. And third. Your understanding grows, you grow. You find your way. 

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