Do you remember your true self?

I believe that we all need reminders. Daily pep talk. Reminders to stay on track, reminders that help you reconnect with your soul, your mission and meaning. Reminders to connect with our true self. As humans, doubt is built in our nature. We don’t answer the call and we are tend to forget easily. We believe the doubters and haters too easily. My art is here to help you create and maintain your own true connection.

My artworks are visual pep talk to your soul.

Can you feel the inner longing?

Longing for a real connection, longing for your true home. Longing for that something so specific, but still inexplicable newness that you already know but yet cannot reach. Write down your longings. Don’t stay waiting for a prince to arrive and give what you need. Give something for yourself each day. You are the one.

Trust. If you have a longing home, there’s a way home within you. Ask for the keys.

Fun. Joy. Inspiration. Magic. Whimsical. Lightness.

Those are my keywords. Those are the words I reach out to, if things are getting too serious around here. And by serious I mean reaching the place, where I think really hard with my brain, that I MUST and I SHOULD and I HAVE TO. Because it’s about time get s**t happen.

Oh well. There are better places to be, and I promise there are no shoulds.

What could be your keyword? What inspires you? Where’s your fun? Follow your fun, and believe that it can’t misguide you.

Having magic and lightness in life does not wipe away depths. There, in the crossing point of all that light and all that depth, there’s my place.

My works of art are born in that space. In that sparkly energy, I create for you. I’m present, I follow the moment. What needs to show up, shows up. I trust.

These themes here, on this page, are themes that show up quite often in my creative process. These are huge, universal themes, and I only can cover a fraction of what is shown to me. So, what’s in it for you? Through these themes, you might find your way to your true self OR they might make you feel. We’ll see.

Healing, as I see it, is coming back to that space and wisdom, where you know you’re in the right place. Everything unnecessary is washed away, and you open up and remember your true nature.
dive deeper 2.jpg

It’s My Time. Now.

My time to rise & shine is NOW. I’ve come to a point in life, where I feel amazingly expansive. I’m in such a right place - there’s no other place I’d love to be. I’m celebrating my achievements and looking over the horizon: There’s my next level, that’s the way I choose to take.

Yes my love.jpg

Yes, My Love

I’m steadily grounded & ready to explore. I follow my guidance and I trust.

Unknown Journey Ulla Paasikallio 2018.jpg

UNKNOWN journey

Although I’m seeing clearly ahead of me, I know this is my path. I choose to walk this way.


The gathering of the tribe

You’re well on your way. Your tribe is getting to assist you in your work. Don’t do it alone, trust your tribe.

Allow the expansive energy work through you.

Letting go. Allowing things coming to an end.

Let’s talk about death metaphorically, although it might as well be something really concrete to you or your loved ones right now.

I allow things and people move freely. I allow myself move freely in life. I accept death as a cycle of life, and as a celebration of birth and new beginnings. I express my emotions freely, I allow my grief to take over. I give myself time. I choose to love, when there’s no light to be seen or felt.

What am I holding on to? What do I cling onto, when it is time to loosen the grip? What happens if I stop resisting? Do I allow change, growth?

In nature, we see cycles, death, birth, all over and over again and it’s rare to see anyone opposing that natural rhythm. Could we see our death as a natural part of our cycle here as humans, as a part of the puzzle? It’s not final. It’s the beginning.

By accepting death as a cycle, we create a space emptiness and freedom, where something new has space to grow. Make space for anything new in your life. Celebrate. Clean the closets.

What no longer serves you?

Try lying down on your (imaginary) death bed. How does it make you feel? What is the right decision for the question you have?


I’m working somewhere, where death hangs out. This means my voluntary work as an artist in the hospice nearby my home.

The works born within those surroundings, are far more dreamy and non-explicable (if that’s a word..).

In that job, I feel humble in front of what is.

(Piece not yet available)


path to that special place

This path is leading you to the source. In that space, you always know the right answer. Trust this path, do not fear.


Love & Connection

Yes, I could talk about LOVE. And yes, this is the right chapter for that. And when there’s love, there’s CONNECTION. Not only connection within the people around here and the love we share with our tribe, but connection to yourself deep down: accepting you being a HUMAN on this Earth. Choosing to LOVE yourself each moment. Choosing to love yourself even more, when you feel there’s nothing to love about. Look around you: this place is made of pure love. It’s time to put on your love-lenses.

Feel the connection between us all.

Commitment ulla paasikallio art 2018.jpg


I choose you to love you, I commit loving myself. I choose to be here with you, I love you.

This piece makes a perfect pre wedding gift.


made with love

This piece is like a secret coffee break in a magical garden when the cherry trees are blossoming. It has been created after connecting with a really special tribe of mine. It’s made with love. It’s connection in the purest form.


i choose to see your light

Through the struggle, the pain. I don’t have to accept your choices or actions, but I’ve made my mind: I choose to see your light.

This piece is sold to the perfect home.